Choosing the ingredients for Sunny Q Sunscreen was not something that was taken loosely. Sunny Q Sunscreen is a multi-faceted product that can be implemented into ANY skincare routine: for any age and all skin types! UVB radiation is linked to skin cancer changing the DNA of your skin and severely damaging the top layer. UVC rays are not necessarily linked to skin cancer, but are absorbed by the atmosphere and do not reach the earth’s surface. With SPF 30, Sunny Q allows for optimal protection for everyday use.

Active Ingredients

Non-nano Zinc Oxide - This specific type of zinc will not enter the bloodstream. Significantly safer than regular Nano zinc oxide, this is the reason Sunny Q Sunscreen has chosen Non-nano zinc over Nano zinc. Zinc is a mineral that sits on top of the skin and, alone, plays an imperative role in protections from the harsh UV rays

Non-active Ingredients

African Shea butter (unrefined): Derived from the karite tree in Africa, the nuts from the fruits that grow on this tree are boiled, crushed and manipulated into a light-colored fat known as shea butter. Absorbing quickly into the skin (naturally). Loaded with vitamin A and E, it helps keep skin in optimal health and also protects against the sun’s harmful UV rays. Raw (and the most natural) shea butter is usually yellow or green in color. Since it is extracted manually, this allows the butter to retain vitamins, minerals and other healing properties. Shea butter also contains Vitamin F, skin that lacks vitamin F can look dull or dry; this vitamin also helps aid in fighting against premature aging. Shea butter contains UV-B absorbing triterpene esters, such as cinnamic acid and tocopherols. Triterpenoids are used for medicinal purposes in many Asian countries for antiinflammatory effects, including antioxidant, antimicrobial, and antivirals. An increasing number of triterpenoids have been reported to exhibit cytotoxicity against a variety of cancer cells without manifesting any toxicity in normal cells. Triterpene is considered to be the most potent anti-inflammatory and anticarcinogenic triterpenoids known to mankind.

Red Raspberry Seed Oil: *NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH RASPBERRY ESSENTIAL OIL FOR AROMATHERAPY* Packed with fatty acids and vitamins. Cold-pressed Red Raspberry Seed Oil has been proven to absorb UV rays (UVB AND UVC Rays specifically). Red Raspberry Seed Oil has linoleic acid in it which helps rebalance the skin’s natural oils and reduces acne breakouts. Red Raspberry Seed Oil can help soothe inflammatory skin conditions and has high levels of phytoserosis helping skin retain moisture.

Jojoba Oil: Jojoba oil is a desert shrub that is primarily used to treat eczema, psoriasis, and any type of dermatitis. It actually is not an “oil” at all. It is a liquid polyunsaturated wax that has a very similar consistency to our skin’s own natural consistency. What makes it a sun protectant is the myristic acid. Full of natural antioxidants and minerals, the nutrient-dense oil is a key component in Sunny Q (it also helps emulsify the zinco so it rubs in clear)! Being it is very similar to our skin’s own natural oils, it does not leave a greasy residue and tricks the skin into thinking that it has produced enough oil to balance oil production.

Almond Oil(unrefined): Using unrefined almond oil is imperative in preserving all of the nutritional benefits of almonds. Rich in emollient properties, it helps prevent water loss from the skin; almond oil is heavily recommended for people with sensitive skin due to this quality. Almond oil is loaded with vitamin E which helps protect against sun damage and premature aging. It does this by reducing DNA damage, chemical changes and structural changes in the skin that have been caused by the sun’s rays. 

Green Tea extract: Green tea is not just an amazing, stimulating drink, the medicinal properties of this tea are credited to flavonoid phytochemicals (phytonutrients) called polyphenols (antioxidants). A specific catechins called epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) has actually been linked to reactivating dying skin cells. There are many extensive research topics that can be found on the benefits of incorporating green tea into your sun protection. EGCG is considered the “fountain of youth” - with an abundance of anti-aging and antioxidant properties, there was no question that Sunny Q needed to add this key component to the ingredients list.

Avocado Oil

One of my personal holy grail items, avocado oil contains vitamin e, potassium and antioxidants to help nourish the skin. It relieves inflammation from side effects related to psoriasis and eczema. Avocado oil also helps to protect skin from the harmful UV rays; it stimulates collagen production from within and has anti-aging properties with non-irritating moisture!

Watermelon extract

A super nutrient-dense ingredient filled with vitamin c, amino acids and lycopene, watermelon extract is great for pre- and post-sun exposed skin. It helps promote cell regeneration, moisturizes. A lot of people worry about implementing watermelon extract into their skincare routine due to the high sugar content, but not to worry! There is just enough added to receive the good stuff, it is not used for fragrance, solely protection!

Mango Butter

A carrier ingredient for shea butter that melts on contact when placed on skin. Rich in vitamin A, vitamin C and E. It is a natural UV protectant that adds instant hydration and recommended for those who have eczema, dermatitis and skin rashes. It has been used historically to smooth acne scars and wrinkles because it is super light and non-greasy, non-comedogenic, and naturally has zinc alongside the other vitamins listed.

Aloe Vera Gel:

An effective and highly reputable way to heal sunburns, aloe vera gel is also a great preventive to incorporate into your skin care routine for sun protection! Aloe Vera Gel is extracted from an aloe succulent and adds intense hydration to the skin. What differentiates aloe from other natural hydrating moisturizers is the fact that it absorbs into the skin instantaneously, which means that it's great for people who already have oily skin. A common misconception about applying hydrating products to oily skin is that it will “make your skin more oily” -- this is completely false! Whether your skin is oily or dry, 9 times out of 10 your skin is dehydrated. By applying serums and moisturizers that add hydration, you are tricking your skin into thinking that it has already produced enough oils, therefore leaving your skin with a ‘glow from within’! Aloe reflects as much as 20% of the sun’s harmful UV rays and is packed with vitamins A-E.

Hemp Seed Oil

The versatility of this plant is unparalleled. With natural SPF properties, it helps deflect the harmful rays without jeopardizing the integrity of vitamin d that the sun gives off. Vitamin D is vital to the human body, hemp seed oil is both protective and rejuvenating. The fatty-acids found in hemp seed oil are reflective of the body’s natural lipids thus helping breakdown cholesterol. This oil is antibacterial and promises moisture retention: you are guaranteed to glow and when used alone, but even more when combined with the other ingredients in Sunny Q!

Calendula Oil

Extracted from marigold flowers, calendula oil is anti-inflammatory, antifungal and antibacterial. An amazing ingredient for those with sensitive skin, it helps relieve the side effects of those who have eczema and rashes. It helps promote firmer, more hydrated skin along with slowing down the development of wrinkles. Popular with parents, calendula oil is implemented into a lot of baby skincare products because it leaves the skin so soft and less irritated than those used without calendula oil. Calendula increases blood flow to the skin and boosts immune response on contact, leaving it a great asset to the Sunny Q ingredients list.

Sunflower Seed Oil

High in Vitamin E, sunflower seed oil has emollient properties that leave the skin super hydrated and help fight off the harsh UV rays. Sunflower Seed Oil also has beta-carotene which converts to vitamin A and helps the health of your skin look more youthful. Continuously using this oil can help remove dead skin cells and leave the skin looking smooth; it is also anti-inflammatory, so it will help reduce redness in the skin as well as roughness. Omega-6 plays a big role in this oil (a fatty-acid) which helps decrease inflammation and encourage the reproduction of new skin cells.

Rosemary Oil

This oil right here helps reduce excess oil production, which means that this ingredient is AMAZING for people who are afraid of their skin looking ‘too oily’ while wearing sunscreen. Not only will it provide your skin with essential vitamins, but also iron and calcium! Rosemary oil improves circulation to help reduce puffiness and absorbs deep into the skin for extra hydration!