Growing up, I was never one to have a skincare regimen. Like many teenage girls, going to sleep with a full-face of makeup + barely washing my face. When I did, it was with bar soap that was meant for bodily use only. I woke up one day at the age of 20 with cystic acne covering my face. Through trial and error with different medications, I alleviated a majority of the bacterial-acne that never seemed to budge. However, it was only temporary.

After about a year, I started to question why I was still having acne show up every now and then, especially being that I was following the regimen I was given at twenty-years-old. Being a makeup artist for 7+ years, it was imperative that I not only research what is detrimental to my skin, but what could potentially harm my client's skin.That is when I found out about the underlying, harmful damages of chemical-based sunscreens.

Overwhelmingly taken back by all of the research I found from the destructiveness that the chemical-based sunscreen was doing to our coral reefs, I knew I had to do something (and that was more than just throwing mine out).

Over the next few years, there were a lot of experiments on what worked best for me; from not wearing any sunscreen at all and just wearing a hat and sunglasses everywhere, to trying mineral-oil (petroleum based) sunscreen and everything in between. There was nothing out there that benefited both humans and our oceanic ecosystem.

With many pots and pans worn down to the core, tons of late nights and bribing my mom into being my guinea pig by trying different formulas on her arms, face, legs and hands - I love you, mama, I finally came up with "Sunny Q Sunscreen" a multifaceted sunscreen that protects your skin and our coral reefs! 

Sunny Q Family Sunscreen's foundation is built on inclusion and diversity. Finally! A sun-protecting lotion that brings hope and promise to an industry with limited accessibility to many.

It takes a village and mine is filled with strong, encouraging, empowering and unbiased love. I am eternally grateful for my Lord and Savior, He tells us to walk through the valleys of the shadow of death not run through them, and without these tough times that I have gone through, it wouldn’t have led me to finding my passions. Never stop chasing your dreams. Never stop fighting for what is right in the world, and never ever allow the opinions of others to influence your path in life. When your passions align with making a positive impact on the world you become unstoppable!

Together, we will change the evolution of humanity by preserving the coral reefs and protecting every being's skin. It's only up from here.

CEO and Founder of Sunny Q Sunscreen